3 Ways to Prepare for Travel to Libya

As our eyes are glued to the news, many of us are looking forward to the day when Libya will be back open for public travel to Libya. In late 2010, Libya had opened its doors to travelers looking to experience the ancient Romain history, Christian heritage, Sahara Desert and more…BUT in Feb, everything change.

Looking to the future!
As we look forward to the hopeful future of the new free Libya, we see a huge opportunity for travelers to visit this amazing country. Since the time is not yet right, what can you be doing to prepare? Here’s 3 things we have thought of…

Read & Research
Take some time over the next few weeks to read and research what Libya has to offer. Whether you stay on our site or visit other Libya sites, you will need to decide what types of places you will want to visit. Are you interested in Roman Ruins? What about the Desert? Browse our list of “Must sees” to get an idea of some the diverse sites of Libya.

Gather your group
From our experience, traveling in private tours is the only way to go. Whether you are looking to travel as a couple or a small group, you should start talking to your friends about a possible trip to Libya. Enjoy the planning process!

Pick an itinerary
Once you have researched Libya, you will want to look through the list of tours that our agents offer to choose the best tour to Libya. If you don’t find the exact tour that fits your needs and desires, feel free to contact us and we will custom design a tour for your small group.

Libya is about the open…so don’t be left behind!

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