“A Great Experience!”

The trip was in all ways a great experience to me. Abdul went the extra mile to make every sight and every stop to something special to remember. He had a lot of friends whom he contacted if necessary, and we really had a wonderful day in Cyrene when we saw The Temple of Zeus. There another Abdul showed up who turned out to be an archeologist who had worked with the excavations. He walked with us for hours lecturing about the history and the sights, and was able to open a closed museum which had the most beautiful items I have seen for a long time and could tell about the background and mythology. A most memorable day!

“Our” Abdul was very knowledgeable of all the sights we went to, Sabratha, Leptis Magna as well as all of Cyrenaica. I was impressed more than once. He knew about arts, history (old and new), geography, biology – and birds.

The drivers were all very careful and safe drivers – which I felt very reassuring in the Libyan traffic! I have to point at Salem, though, who really participated in the tour. He was such a nice guy, always smiling, helpful and trying his best to speak English – which really improved during our days together.

As my goal of the tour was to see Leptis Magna, that day was very special. But I realised that there is a lot more to see and experience in Libya, and I had a great time. People were wonderful and I felt very welcome and never unsafe.

The hotels were ok, not everything worked everywhere, but always clean and with hot water in the shower.

As to you and your company – I think I never have had such a follow up when buying a vacation! Thank you for having patience with me and all my questions.

-November 2012

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