Apollonia, an ancient Roman site, is actually located in modern Libya. Decades ago, this metropolis was a significant seaport and in the southern region of The Mediterranean Sea.  It was a major commercial hub of the nation. This city has served as the most important sea port for a long time and was located at the distance of 20km in the south east region of Cyrene. Apollonia is one of the important cities of the Libyan Pentapolis. Various tourist sites have been established in this metropolis like Marsa Sausa.

Brief description of History

Firstly, the colonization of this city was done by the Greeks around 630BC and until the end of the seventh century BC it was embellished and developed to a greater extent. The famous port of Cyrene remained under the sovereign of the Roman Empire.  The economic situation of this metropolis excelled to a more prosperous level during Roman sovereignty in 6th century AD.

Apollonia is a beautiful tourist site and is home to various ancient ruins and museums. It is a picturesque city with thriving scenery lying among two metropolises Sabartha and Leptis. This city also has a beach cut by craggy rocks and is full of several mountains. All these sites have turned this metropolitan city into an extremely beautiful tourist destination.

Various sightseeing destinations in this city are listed below.

  • Various ancient churches have been established in this country that represent the faith and devotion of its inhabitants toward God.
  • Theatre in this city is also viewable;  it is a real model of architectural skills of Roman people.
  • Public bath houses of Apollonia are prominent in the whole world for their cleanliness and hygiene.
  • The major tourist attractions in this city are ancient Roman remains that demonstrate to the tourists the grand and splendid history of Libya.
  • A small museum established in this city should also be included in the list of sightseeing places. This museum basically contains the collection of various findings that have been found out by the excavation of the site. The work of excavation is in progress; the site of Acropolis has not been mined completely.
  • Recently, underwater remains have been also recognized in Apollonia, so the travelers can also go for an exciting boat trip to arrive at the exquisite points during their tour.
  • A majestic temple is also a beautiful tourist destination in Apollonia.

The government of Libya has been taking various significant steps to develop this city as a tourist site. For the accommodation of foreign tourists.  Various lodging apartments with all facilities and restaurants have been constructed throughout the city. The list of various hotels that you can reserve during your tour are given below.

  • Porto Platanias Beach Resort in Apollonia.  Travelers can reserve the luxurious apartments of this hotel online by logging into the website www.portoplatanias.gr.
  • Amphora hotel.  Customers can get all the important information regarding the amenities of this hotel by navigating the wesbsite www.amphora.gr.
  • Arina Sand Hotel
  • Casa Delfino hotel in Apollonia
  • Villa Andromeda hotel
  • Contessa Hotel

Several restaurants are also there for providing excellent cuisine to the tourists. So whenever you visit Libya,  be sure to tour this historical site and enjoy the warm and inviting environment of these hotels.

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