Beaches of Libya

It cannot be denied that Libya is home to the most eye-catching beaches. The beaches of Libya incorporate natural dissimilarities, some are sandy and some may incorporate palm trees. The coastline of Libya is 2,000 km long and it is the main reason that the beaches of Libya have an approbation of being the longest beaches along the whole Mediterranean area.

Beach Life

The northern coast of Libya includes spectacular beaches and these beaches can be found in the cities of Zwara and Telil. Farwa Island Beach is located in Sabratha city and is adorned with beautiful, velvety white sand. The presence of elevated palm trees makes this beach a stunning site in all respects. The tourists can also see tiny beaches which offer great attractions like Psis and Nagaza.

There is a distinguished beach in Sabratha named Tileel beach. The immaculate water of this beach along with its pure powdered sand makes this beach an awesome place to visit. The quality of sand is so fresh that an individual can drive on it even in the water without facing any difficulty.

Ras Alteen

Ras Alteen is one of the most prominent beaches of Libya with immaculate white sand. This beach has been a famous archeological site. The battlefield of Toburk is also a significant site which is 140 km east of Ras Alteen. Ras Alteen provides a good base for walking with lustrous green mountains.

The north eastern part of the country also has stupendous beaches which are gorgeous. These beaches have hidden potential of being acclaimed as international destinations. Ras Alhamama, which is situated near Apollonia, also presents a spectacular view.

The beaches of Libya deliver good environments and also support congenial conditions for sea sports and diving. If you love water sports, you can pay a visit to all these beaches which are best known for creating a good environment for water sports. The beaches of the Tripoli City also have small cafes.

Tripoli City

Tripoli city is also a home to distinguished beaches which can present spectacular scenes. A traveler who loves swimming and the seaside will love to visit Tripoli because of the beautiful beaches.

The beaches of Libya teams up with beautiful hotels and you can find state-of-the-art amenities in these hotels. One can also find the facilities of water sports along the beaches of Libya.

Both unpopulated and over-populated beaches are available.  If you want to see those beaches which are over populated you can find them in central Tripoli.

The beaches of Libya are quite distinguished for offering spectacular views and these beaches are teamed up with hotels and restaurants. The beaches of Tripoli and Benghazi cities of Libya are praiseworthy to a great extent and Ras Alteen beach is admirable for many reasons. So, be ready to relish the beauty of these beaches.

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