Before You Go: Planning Your Trip

Planning your travel to Libya can be an exciting adventure; however, there is a lot of information that you may need to consider. From Visa requirements to Climate, you can easily find helpful information here.


Obtaining a Libya Visa
Over the past few years, traveling to Libya has not been the easiest thing, especially trying to obtain the appropriate visa. There are really only two types of visas into Libya; tourist and business. We want to make all the information as clear as possible to help you in your process of obtaining the correct visa to be able to travel to and enjoy all that Libya has to offer. CLICK HERE for the latest Libyan requirements.


Clothing / Electricity Info / Laundry
As you think about packing for your trip to Libya, you may be wondering what you will need. From what types of clothing to pack to types of wall outlets for your electrical equipment. Take some time to browse through this valuable information that will help you be best prepared for your travel to Libya. CLICK HERE to be better prepared.


Insurance / Vaccinations / Medical
As you begin to think about traveling into Libya, we recommend that you buy travel insurance. Also, you should talk with your local doctor to see what he recommends medically for your visit. We offer a wide variety of information on health precautions, but you should always consider a doctor for final word. CLICK HERE to view our health information.


Local Currency / Credit Cards / ATM
Cash is an important part of any trip! Will you carry hard currency? Do ATM’s work in each city? Are credit cards accepted? These are all questions that you need to consider before landing in a foreign country. We would recommend traveling across Libya with easy access to extra money – US dollars or Euros are always easy to change. CLICK HERE for answer to these questions.

If you have questions regarding specific tour options, please contact us.

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