Can I get a visa at the airport in Tripoli?

Getting a business visa at the airport in Tripoli requires the same process as getting the visas through a Libyan Embassy…you MUST first apply for the stamped and approved letter of invitation through the immigration office in Tripoli using a service provider. Not all service providers are able to have the visa number sent to the airport…in some ways, this is an exception…so be sure to ask ahead of time if this is possible If your visa comes through to be obtained at the airport, you will be sent an electronic copy of the visa letter that you MUST print and carry with you on the plane. Upon arrival in Tripoli, there is an office with glass windows off to the right in the passport control area…you will need to take your passport and the letter there, and they will hand-write the visa to be placed in your passport. The cost for this part of the process in the airport is 100.50 LYD for the one month single entry visa. If needed, they will hold your passport and allow you to go downstairs to the arrival area to exchange money to make this payment.

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