Cyrene falls at the distance of 115km in the northeast region of Benghazi and is in close proximity to Al Bayda. This metropolis is supposed to be founded by a tribe of immigrants in seventh century who had come here from an island in The Algerian Sea. The metropolis gradually developed into a province recognized for its love of philosophy and science.  The most famous philosophers of this city are Aristippus, Carneader and Callimachus. This city also waged wars at two fronts, one was against Carthage and the other against Libyans. Both wars ended in squaring off and tranquility among cantankerous. In the next centuries, this metropolis was acknowledged in the reign of Ptolemais and then in the Roman Empire.

The rebellion of Jewish in Cyrene

An extensive revolt was noticed in Cyrene during the reign of Emperor Targan. The city was brutally crushed and almost all public buildings were destroyed badly. This resulted in the decline of life in the entire metropolis. The history of this city is volatile and is epitomized by clashes and bump off among ruling families. Under the rule of King Battas, this city enjoyed an era of prosperity and relative tranquil but, this king was assassinated by his successors.

Various spectacular places and ancient ruins scattered in the city reminds one about the splendid history. The populace of this metropolis thrived from its starting due to the productiveness of the province. Its herds, flocks and particularly its horses were famous and it also possessed a monopoly on some medicinal plants. An abundance of various precious metals have been discovered in this city from which it has produced its currency.

The major tourist sites in this historic city are given below.

  • The Temple of Zeus was constructed in the fifth century and in 120 AD was again renovated by Hadrian.
  • The Greek theater is believed to have been built in the sixth century and was again rebuilt by Romans.
  • Agora is basically a public square covered with medleys.  A temple is also there with a mosaic floor.
  • Sanctuary of Kore and Demeter
  • The Naval memorial is supposed to have been constructed in the third century and is designed as a ship riding on a dolphin.
  • The Temple of Apollo is where the tourists can have a wonderful view of the entire metropolis.
  • Shell motif is a symbol of St James, the disciple.

Accommodation facilities

If you are looking for accommodation in this city, you will not be disappointed as this city is full of various lodging houses, bars, restaurants and shopping centers. Al Manara Hotel is one of the most prominent hotels of Al Bayda that offers well furnished, modernly decorated and spacious rooms for the accommodation of tourists. A restaurant has been also established in the premises of this inn where the guests are served with both national and international cuisine. Various guides and translators have been made available for the convenience of foreign tourists. Other lavish hotels constructed in the city are Al baydi palace hotel, Qasr Albaydha hotel and palace Hotel El Beyda.

From the port of Benghazi, it will take approximately 3 hours to reach this amazing city Cyrene through any transportation means.

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