Germa is one of the biggest metropolitan cities of Libya that is located on Wadi-Al-Hayat. This city has got an approbation of being known as a historical city that integrates distinguished chronological records. The city was once home to Garmantian populace and a magnificient Garmantian realm was prevalent. The modern town is very close to the antique metropolis of Germa and this city once had rich cultivation.

During primeval times, the city was so sturdy that no city had enough stamina to brawl on this land. The people of the city were soldiers and basically these people belong to the Tibesti region. An individual will be amazed at the fact that this region was highly crowded and now the region has a low populace.

According to popular resources, Garmantian realm dates back to two thousand years and the whole empire used to rule Fezzan city. The civilization of Germa was in its peak in second and third century. The populace of Germa belongs to Berber realm that played a major lead in resisting the Roman realm.

One can also notice the archeological work in the city which was embellished by Prof. David and the whole work is going to be published in the magazines very soon. The visitors can also notice two wreck regions Garama and Zinchecra. These two wreck areas are very close to the village of Germa.

One can easily find the clues of the Garmantian kingdom and it is all due to wrecks. Visitors can also notice an embellished fortress and some abodes. If you go further you can also notice prehistoric Zinchecra which is basically a funeral place. Germa city also has a spontaneous spring as its key source of water.

The significance of the city is known from the fact that Germa had been an important trade association between two important cities-Central Africa and Mediterranean city. The city also houses majestic temples that display the style of living of diverse civilizations. According to some known facts, the city had been a distinguished abode to many civilizations. The museum of Germa depicts the famous masterpieces and compilations of various generations.

The weather of this city is usually very dry and has minimal rainfall. Summers in the city are very hot with high temperatures and winters are very chilled. The whole area is governed by a hot wind called Ghibli that can raise the temperature of the city.

According to known facts, the city had a lake but now only some parts of the lake remains in the form of salt beds. If you are planning to visit, you can find facilities of camps here. As far as good restaurants and hotels are concerned, they are not available but the camping can be a wonderful opportunity.

You can take the assistance of buses in order to reach at Germa city which had been a famous abode to Garmantian Realm.

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