Libya Business Visa

Almost every other day we receive a request from someone looking to come to Libya on a business visa. They see the huge potential that Libya has to offer in the area of business (training, development, investment etc…) and are hoping to establish a presence in the country. These travelers are asking the same questions: Can you offer a business visa from the immigration of Libya and how much does it cost?

Can we offer a business visa?

We have been successfully able to obtain business visas for our clients (although there are restrictions on some nationalities…see list below pricing), however, we have chosen to use a service company to handle these dealings for us. We need to provide them with a scanned copy of your passport, when you are looking to travel, your profession and your fee (refundable if we don’t received the visa). With this information, we can get you the necessary visa for travel.

How much does it cost?

To be honest the actual business visa is very cheap if done directly by a Libyan company for you. They will pay the registration fee locally and you will have to pay the visa fee at the embassy or airport. Since we have decided to use a service company to obtain your business visa, they will charge you for their work, connections and value added. They will insure that you get your visa as requested and deliver it on time. The price of this service varies depending what type of business visa you want. Some people need a one month visa (single entry) while others are looking for a 6 month (multiple entry). The current cost for a visa is:


1 Month Business Visa
3 Month Multiple Entry Visa
6 Month Multiple Entry Visa
Note: This takes 7-14 day and will be sent to the nearest Libyan Embassy. Sometimes the multiple entry visas take longer!
Please contact us for current pricing

*NOTE: We are currently able to obtain business visas for those from North America, South America, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

More than a visa – need help?

Since the business visa can be obtained from our local service providers, we have decided to focus on supporting business clients on the ground. We can provide you with quality hotel accommodations from reliable 3 star to deluxe 5 star. We can also arrange private transportation with driver on a daily basis (we require 24 hrs notice). Let us know if you need any of these services for your business travel to Libya.

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