Libya Hospitality – Warm & Friendly

Since our arrival in Libya 10 days ago, our family has been welcomed warmly by our Libyan hosts. From the first day until now, we have been helped by many, greeted by tons, and welcomed as Americans living in Tripoli. A friend told me yesterday, “You are the first Americans I have ever met!”

We have also had the privilege of visiting their homes and eating some amazing meals with our family friends. Sitting together on the floor, we have enjoyed wonderful Libyan cuisine; from Cous Cous to Rice and meat! It has all be amazing!

Libyans are looking forward to the future with anticipation. They are excited about the possibility of other foreign visitors coming to Libya and learning about their fabulous country. 42 years of oppression and now freedom! Libya is ready to get to know the rest of the world and have them know Libya.

The time is coming to travel to LibyaCome and experience the Libya hospitality.

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