“Much more important is how safe I felt!”

Thank you for making my trip to Libya memorable as the last country and certainly I was a little apprehensive to begin with, further added by comments made by a UN gentleman that I traveled with when I arrived from Cairo to Tripoli.

Mr. Ajili, an excellent, mature tour guide, very reassuring, knowledgable and always willing to answer questions. I felt quite secure in his company. Mr. Khalifa the main driver laid back and calm, never in a hurry and safe. He was there to receive on my arrival from Egypt and again from Benghazi.

The guides Abdul Karim in Leptis, Basheer Khatabi in Sabratha, Mohammed Bushrit in Cyrene were all knowledgeable and adjusted the time well. The cars and vans were comfortable.

I understand the country is coming out of war and still tourism is in infancy but I got more than I expected and much more important is how safe I felt in the company of my guide.

JV – March 5, 2012

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