A Day in Gharyan, Libya

Gharyan situated in north west Libya is one of the largest towns in the Nafusa Mountains. This area isn’t an overly popular tourist destination, but for those who do spend a day here get to enjoy a choice of fantastic history and culture.

Gharyan was originally a trade route and later became the center of the resistance in the twentieth century against the Italians. But it’s not this part of this town that you will want to explore, it’s the interesting Berber village that is what draws tourists to this area.

The Berber troglodytes are built underground into the rock of the mountains, very few are inhabited and they offer fantastic opportunities for you to see these interesting homes. The homes were built this way as a superb insulation technique and to keep them hidden.

You don’t see these homes until you are almost on top of them, dug into the ground they are rooms joined by passages.

Not far from Gharyan is the World War II relics that are a must to see, such as the former Italian barracks which are easily accessible along a very bumpy road.

Only one hundred kilometers from Tripoli, Gharyan is a wonderful day trip when in the area. This town is renowned for their amazing pottery, where you can buy some great souvenirs to take back home with you.

It’s an opportunity to get out of the city and explore a different part of the country. This is a very deserted area, but offers tourists a wonderful insight into the history of this part of Libya, how the locals lived and you will be amazed at how they built these interesting homes under the ground to keep them safe.

Whether you hire a car from Tripoli or take a guided tour, Gharyan should not be left off your list when visiting Libya.

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