A True Libyan Experience in Murzuq

Most of us visit Libya because of the tremendous choice of ancient ruins. This country is North Africa is known for its UNESCO World Heritages Sites and the Sahara Desert. It welcomes tourist around the world who arrive to explore and experience what this beautiful country has to offer.

Murzuq isn’t a major tourist attraction but this beautiful desert oasis has so much to offer a passing traveler. It’s worthwhile stopping in Murzuq when in the area. It is located in the south of Libya on the northern edge of the Murzuq desert.

This oasis has a spectacular castle for you to explore. The castle is made in a sandy color which blends in with it’s surroundings, rows of high walls and steeples, makes this a masterpiece and an experience you won’t forget.

Murzuq is mostly visited by those travelers who are experiencing the desert either on camel or on a safari adventure. This used to be the trade stop for travelers years ago. With great tour options that can stop in at Murzuq from experiencing the true Libyan experience on a camel to the comfort of visiting the desert in your own 4×4, you will never be sorry you stopped in to have a look.

Murzuq sand sea is another popular stop, surrounded by high sandy dunes, this area was once a brimming oasis. The scenery is spectacular offering plenty of photographic opportunities and memories to take back home with you.

This is an area you want to stop in, there are no major hotels or top accommodation here, so a day trip is more than enough to see this little oasis in the heart of the desert. A place that was once a thriving trade stop and today is a sightseers delight.

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