Amazing Libyan Cuisine

Libyan cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean delights. Libya located in Northern Africa enjoys some of the most flavorful dishes you can experience. Whether you want to learn to cook the dishes or you just want to taste what Libya has to offer, your taste buds are guaranteed to be delighted.

Libyan cuisine will always use olive oil. Olive oil has many healing properties and is considered a health food. There isn’t many dishes served which don’t use olive oil. Other major items used in Libyan cuisine include dates, olives, milk and grains.

Grains are used for cakes, soups and breads while the dates are used for syrups. Interestingly the breads used to be made in the sand. The sand in Libya is hot, the perfect temperature for baking stunning flat breads.

Socializing with family and friends is an important part of the Libyan culture, often completed with a cup of very strong tea. The tea here is almost like syrup, made from red tea leaves and served in small tea cups.


Bazin is a very popular Libyan dish. The dish is basically dough and sauce. Large dough balls are placed in the center of a bowl and smothered in a sauce. Sauces differ, but mostly include meat and vegetables.


Couscous is a major food in Libya and is served with a majority of their meals.


Buric looks just like what we know as a fold over. Piping hot, these have a choice of fillings. Once you move outside of Libya, they are made the same way but look like spring rolls.


This is a specialty dish which is usually only enjoyed on holidays and special occasions. The dish is always accompanied by couscous and is a mixture of potato with herbs which is then fried.

There are so many other great Libyan dishes to enjoy, including the stuffed vine leaves, that you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy when visiting this beautiful country.

Let us help you plan your next Libyan vacation and you can experience these amazing dishes for yourself!

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