“I highly recommend!”

Libya Travel & Tours was indispensable for my trip to Libya. They assisted in arranging for my visa, hotel, tour guide and translator – all at slightly below-market rates as they are in-country and are able to make long term arrangements with their partners.

The LT&T team is extremely professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable – important traits when traveling to a country such as Libya. Professional – they always returned any e-mails promptly with the precise information; Trustworthy – they were reliable in dealing with my documents/credit card and payments to their partners; Knowledgeable – they live in Libya and were able to advise me on little (but important) things such as phone/internet connections, taxis, restaurants, plane flights, hotels, places to visit, etc…

Finding Libya Travel & Tours was like finding a unique and beautiful pearl in sea filled with mollusks…they are a rare find indeed and I highly recommend using their services.

TS January 2012

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