Beautiful Beaches in Libya

When vacationing in Libya there is one thing you will notice and that is an abundance of beautiful beaches, especially on the northern coast of the country. Libya sits on the edge of the ocean where you can enjoy an idyllic ocean experience complete with palm trees, stretches of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters.

There are some beach areas that are more popular than others, Ras Alteen is one of these beach areas. Ras Alteen is also an archaeological site, it’s a very popular beach with both tourists and locals and offers some fantastic walking opportunities. Visiting Ras Alteen is an all day adventure from superior mountainous walks to relaxing on the white sandy beach.

The city of Tripoli has no shortage of fantastic beaches either. It’s here where you can find quite a few beaches and with the warm climate found in Libya, a warm day always ensures the beaches are visited.

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city there are the magnificent Farwah Islands. Not many people know about these islands and they are pretty much a desolate area. There is one hotel resort in the center of the main island, but otherwise it’s filled with natural beauty and plenty of sandy shorelines to relax and enjoy.

Lastly is Sabratha, a very popular tourist area filled with ancient ruins and also surrounded by spectacular beaches. Sabratha should be enjoyed over a few days where you can spend your time exploring the ruins and other days relaxing in the sunshine and spending time on the white sandy beaches.

Libya has a lot to offer tourists with a selection of historical sites and ruins, superior beach resorts and plenty of activities whether you are traveling as a couple or a family.

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