Sabratha is situated in the Zawia district of the northwestern corner of the contemporary Libya. The port of Sabratha was developed in 500 BC and this port served as a coastal channel for African surroundings so that products could be transported. This city was an important fraction of the Numidian Empire and later on, this city was reconstructed in 2nd and 3rd century AD.

This metropolis shares borders with Az-Zawiyah in the East, Al Jafra in the Southeast, and Yafran in the South. This conurbation is a big metropolis filled with admirable tourist magnetisms.

Trade had transferred to other harbors and Sabratha after the Arab invasion of the Maghreb. The city of Sabratha boasts of a historic theater which was re-established in the 3rd century. This metropolis has diverse temples which are especially dedicated to Liber Pater and Isis. Liber Pater is the goddess of fertility and the temple of this goddess is also connected with a Greek god Bacchus. Another significant temple is dedicated to a Egyptian god who represents the lower world.  One can also find cathedrals of Justinian time. The bits and pieces of Roman times can make an enchanting impact on the minds of the tourists.

Tourists can also see a beautiful museum which is one of the most distinguished museums of Libya.  As far as the tourist potential is concerned, this city promises a great deal of enchanting scenery and there is a part of the city which falls directly into the sea.

The name Sabratha has been derived from a Libyan word meaning Grain Market. The economy of this metropolis relies on nautical commerce and animals. This metropolis has an approbation of being one of the cleanest cities of Libya. Sabratha was first constructed by Carthaginians and at that time this city was just a trading municipality. This city is also worth living and working in. One can find widespread public baths and also superb buildings.

The infrastructure of this city is well built and the roads are made up of fine stones. Tourists across the world come to enjoy the ravishing fountains of this city. The water works of this conurbation have been remarkable since Roman times. The beautification of splendid fountains is admirable and these fountains were developed with the sole aim of attracting tourists across the world.

The shipping waterfronts of this city are praiseworthy and an individual can take pleasure strolling by these sites. This metropolis also has one of the most premium amphitheatres of all times and also has three story buildings. One can even notice the long, clean, white polished seashores bordered by a lot of palm trees.

If you are looking for wonderful accommodations, you can find a beautiful lodge in this city which is well built. The name of this hotel is Funduq Al-Asil. The rooms of this hotel are well managed and planned.

So, Sabratha is well acknowledged for antique theater and wonderful sites. One can explore natural beauty by visiting this place.

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