Cyrene – A Jewel of Libya

Sitting up on the hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is one of Libya’s most extensive historical sites: Cyrene. Starting with the Temple of Zeus and then moving on to the main site, Cyrene is well worth your time.

Temple of Zeus

Located up in the forest, the large Temple of Zeus is impressive in all aspects. From the size to the ornate work, this temple shows the dedication the Greeks had to their gods. Enjoy a nice walk in the shade of the trees and you learn about this masterpiece.

The ancient city

After the temple, you will head into the main portion of the historical site. You will enjoy this 2 tiered city including the religious area and domestic portions. As you descend to the lower part of the site, you will come across a spring with fresh water running out of the mountain.

Guides in Cryene

Make sure that you find one of the knowledgeable guides who know the history of Cryene. If you book ahead, you will make sure to have one of the best waiting for you.

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