Is Libya Family Friendly?

Family friendly – you have got to be crazy? Actually, I have recently moved to Libya with two of my kids (9 yrs and 7 yrs) and they are having a great time. Yes…the war just ended and some of the smaller towns are still a bit unstable…however, Tripoli seems to be returning to life as normal. Yesterday, we spent some time at a lovely park and there were tons of families out enjoying the Friday afternoon.

There are a number of family parks around the city! My kids especially like the one with the trampolines…1 Libyan Dinar will get you 10 minutes of bouncing fun. Kids of all ages were enjoying this park. Besides playground equipment and trampolines, there are street vendors selling tea & coffee, snacks for kids, and little toys. Parents gather on the park benches while their kids enjoy the outdoors.

Libya has so much to offer…we are just waiting for the perfect timing! Traveling to Libya will one day be a highlight of any world traveler…even with your children. From the Sahara desert to the rich history, a Libya tour will be something you will never forget.

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