Ghadames – Desert Oasis Town

In the southwest region of Libya, Ghadames is located at a distance of 683km from Tripoli. The tourists can reach this place by acquiring any transportation means easily. This city discerns itself by its extraordinary look and shape and offers various comfortable lodgings for the accommodation of tourists in the middle of the arid region. The whole town is full of small streets and all houses have intercommunicating patios that are reserved only for women. Inhabitants of this oasis are the admirers of freedom and liberty and they love to hear music as well as play various musical instruments. You will really enjoy the music of the simple cane flute.

Ghadames has it own outline of lifestyle and customs. The people here live life in their own way. The subsistence of water springs here has contributed to the prosperity of this oasis. Now it has become a commercial hub. Various commercial activities take place here that make this oasis a pearl in the desert. Ghadames is an archeological site that indicates the existence of various civilizations which lived on the paths and streets of this oasis. These cultural heritages have left a deep impact on rocks in caves and different ruins are spread in the curve of the valley. The entire population of this arid region is composed of various groups like the Arabic group and various others.

This historic city has various sightseeing attractions that you will definitely find extremely beautiful and outstanding. Various ancient ruins are also viewable in this historic city. For the convenience of various foreign tourists, here is given a list of sightseeing places of this Libyan oasis.

  • Mjezzem Lake, a prominent tourist place located 63 km east of Ghadames.
  • Sahara desert sandbanks, a site where travelers will have a wonderful view of sunset.
  • Castle of Ras al ghoul
  • Mountain of Ghosts


Being a commercial center, the government has made great efforts to develop this metropolis as a tourist place. Various prominent hotels and restaurants have been established in this town for the accommodation of tourists. If your priority is a luxurious hotel, then the Winzrik Hotel will prove the best. It will provide the customers with lavish lodging and organized, well decorated and spacious units. This hotel is equipped with all contemporary services like an internet café, clean washrooms, and a money exchange desk for the expediency of foreign tourists. This hotel is located on the main road, a few yards away from the wall of the old city.  From 8 pm to 7 am, all the main gates of Ghadames are closed and nobody can leave or enter the city at this time. For lighting the streets and squares, oil lamps are acquired by local inhabitants. Various cafeterias, like Dan Buro and various others, have also been constructed in the city. In the restaurants, famous, local seafood dishes can be tasted easily.

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