Acacus Mountains Rock Art

The formation of these mountains presents amazing scenes and is much of the reason for the popularity of the Acacus Mountains. The orange sand dunes add to the lavishness of this place, causing one to feel like they are in another world.  These mountains reach up into desert blue sky making it a great photo opportunity. Perhaps you have heard of the Rock art of the Acacus Mountains?  People come from all over the world to study this ancient rock art which offers insight into the past.

Visiting this place

If a visitor wants to visit this place then he will have to plan his visit in advance as it will require four to five days in order to reach the Acacus Mountains. You can arrange a private or group tour which will allow you to visit these distant mountains.  If one wants to explore the Acucus, then, one has to go to Ghat – as from this city one can easily explore the Acacus Mountains. One can take the assistance of various tour operators as they make the work easier for travelers. They will make different arrangements for eating as well as for sleeping. If a visitor wants to travel to this place using his own vehicle, then one can do the same.

Beauty of the place

The span of the Acacus Mountains reaches from the north to the south. The path to the mountains could be described as a zigzag motion. As a traveler comes across the sand dunes, he will be amazed with the beauty of theses dunes and mountains. This area is inhabited by a very small population and one can hardly find more than ten families but this adds to the charm and beauty. One can also find wells and springs in this place. Ayada wadi of this place presents beautiful scenes for various visitors and using this wadi one can easily enter from the south. When a visitor enters this wadi, he finds a ridge in the way, but a traveler can easily pass this ridge without facing any problem.

Delicacies of the sand will definitely become a subject of great interest for the visitors. Sharp edges of the stones are really remarkable from the point of view of the visitors. The height of the Natural Arch is 150 m and owing to this reason, this arch has acquired a unique status.

Takharkhouri allows the entry of the visitors from the southeastern gate, though this place is not a part of the Acacus Mountains. Wadi Anshal and Wadi Tanshal also possess beautiful rock paintings.

Wadi Tashwinat is a significant part of the Acacus Mountains is best known for offering other subsidiary wadis. This wadi has the approbation of being considered one of the most stupendous wadis of the Acacus Mountains owing to the presence of various beautiful wadis.

Rock Art

As far as the rock art of the Acacus Mounatins is concerned, the rock art of this place has become part of the UNESCO world heritage list. These rock paintings were developed more than 12,000- 14,000 years ago. These rock paintings depict various forms of animals.

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