Libya’s Beauty – Ras El Hilal

As we drove along the coast of eastern Libya, we stopped at one of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen here. The area is called Ras El Hilal, which is located just past Apollonia. The coastline is called Ras El “Hilal” after the Arabic word for crescent moon. The beautiful coast is worth a visit.

As we stopped to see an ancient Bezantine church, we were in for a surprise. As we walked to the edge of the cliff, we enjoyed the amazing turquoise water and unique rock formation. I tried to capture the setting on my camera, but pictures never really do it justice. You must visit this place to enjoy the beauty.

For those who love church history, the 2 churches are worth a visit. Each of them is partially standing with crosses and marble tiles. Your guide will be able to give you the history of these churches.

For those of you who love photography, you may want to hit Ras El Hilal right around sunset to catch the vivid colors. You can return to the city of Apollonia for the night in the Menara Hotel.

If you are planning a tour to Libya, remember to ask for a visit to this beautiful area of Libya.

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