Sabratha Day Excursion

Explore the Ancient City of Sabratha

The perfect one-day excursion from Tripoli! Get away from the busyness and noise of the city and enjoy a quiet day back 2000 years ago…

The excursion starts with your private driver picking you up at the location of your choice. You will head out of Tripoli towards the ancient Roman Ruins of Sabratha (65 km).

Upon arrival in Sabratha, you will meet your tour guide who will take you into the site, first starting with the museum and then down into the city center. Sabratha boasts one of the jewels of Libya, the theater. As you sit in the tiered seats, you can imagine the Roman entertainers displaying their talent.

Sabratha also contains some amazing mosaics, both on the site and in the museum. Keep your eyes out for the public baths, oil presses, statues, and more…

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