A Day in Sabratha, Libya

Sabratha is one of the most visited historical sites in Libya. This city dates back to 500BC and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Back in 500BC the Phoenicians used Sabratha as a sea port and important trading post, the Romans also used the area for its harbor area. The city was damaged in the fourth century earthquake and was rebuilt to become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Libya today.

The Theater is probably the most popular site in Sabratha. This theater dates back to around 175AD and has a large forty three meter stage. It is believed the theater could accommodate up to 5,000 spectators.

There are also the baths, temples and the spectacular amphitheater which housed up to 10,000 spectators who would arrive to watch the duals that took place.

The Museum is another highlight and is brimming with all the items and artefacts which have been excavated from this archaeological site including a number of mosaics, statues and paintings.

If you’re planning a day in Sabratha it’s worthwhile knowing what to bring with you. Take plenty of bottled water, sun scream and a sun hat. From June to September there is no rain and because Libya enjoys a warm climate the temperatures can soar to high temperatures where the sun shines for up to twelve hours a day.

Many holiday makers choose to visit Libya in spring or autumn when the temperatures are slightly cooler, but still warm enough to enjoy your Libyan experience.

April and May and October and November all enjoy warm weather with some rainfall. The sun shines for up to ten hours a day during these months which makes it a pleasant experience when walking around Sabratha and soaking up the history of this beautiful city’s past. Enjoy the views, visit the ruins and step back in time.

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