St James Hospital – Medical Services

Some people may be wondering if there are any good medical services in Libya while traveling in Libya. Today I had the opportunity to visit the Saint James Hospital in Tripoli. It is a joint project between Malta and Libya – a private hospital offering all types of medical services.

You can find their website for more information. Telephone numbers are +218-21-7113092 and +218-21-7190843.

The hospital is located in the area of Ban Ashour on the corner of El Ansar Street and El Jerrah Street. This small but fairly modern hospital seems to be a good option for medical emergencies. Pulling from a large number of medical consultants, St James looks to have specialists in most fields.

One other convenient feature is that it has its own pharmacy on the ground floor which makes it easier for filling prescriptions and finding medications.

We hope that our visitors never need this facilities, but we are listing the information for future reference.

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