Travel to Tobruk – WWII History

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Tobruk for the first time. Tobruk, Libya is probably most well-known for the battles in World War II. For those who are interested in this type of history, Tobruk and its surrounding areas offer some very interesting sites.

War Cemeteries

Tobruk offers 4 different war cemeteries including the Commonwealth, English, French and German. All of these sites are wonderfully kept! The local caretakers have spent years watching over these sacred sites. The beautiful flowers, amazing gravestones, and mosaic names are some of the highlights from my trip.

Rommel’s Museum

Although the actual Rommel room was locked, we enjoyed s visit to the small museum which contains remnants from the Lady Be Good airplane that crashed in the sahara, some old weapons, and tiny tank. Because of the recent revolution, some of the museums are still under lock and key.

John Brill’s Masterpiece

About an hours drive from Tobruk is a wonderful site overlooking the Mediterranean sea. This building hosts the artwork of John Brill who was supposedly a prisoner during the war. During his time locked away, Brill drew an amazing mural of the life he was missing.

Tobruk, Libya has many other sites to see including the battlefields, bunkers, and Fig tree hospital. If you enjoy WWII history, Tobruk is the place that you must see.

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