Top Things to See in Libya

Libya is a country in North Africa that is rich in history and culture with a host of magnificent seaside villages and towns, some of them dating back to the Roman times. You can explore the ancient cities, visit the mountain ranges or experience the magnificence of the Sahara Desert.

Leptis Magna

A Roman seaside city and now a World Heritage Site only two hours from Tripoli. This city dates back to 2AD and offers visitors the opportunity to visit well-preserved Roman buildings, arches, fountains and sculptures. You will also be able to discover the most beautiful mosaics.


Ghadames is a magnificent oasis town close to the Algerian and Tunisian borders. A Berber town where the old town is a World Heritage Site complete with well-preserved buildings. This town is picturesque in every way, the white washed walls, stunning arches and palm trees all surrounded by the golden sands of the Sahara Desert.

Qasr Libya

Located in North Libya, this town has one of the most fascinating museums situated in a Libyan Castle. Explore the two basilicas and gaze on the outstanding mosaics that are housed in this superior museum.

Acacus Mountains

This mountain range is located in Ghat, a section of the Sahara Desert. The mountain range is a famous tourist destination due to the prehistoric rock art that adorns the rocky cliffs and are now a World Heritage Site. The mountains offer a host of picturesque scenery from the gorges and ravines to the magnificent sand dunes that surround the mountain.

Martyr’s Square

This square which is a Tripoli landmark is also known as Green Square. You will find the most beautiful fountain in the centre of the square and on the edges is where you will find the Red Castle Museum and the Royal Miramare Theatre.The two tall pillars will guide you towards the sea front.


Cyrene is the oldest Greek city in Libya, tucked away in a valley not too far from Shahhat. Here you can visit the Temple of Apollo and see some beautiful statues, all well-preserved and offering visitors the opportunity to step back in time.

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