Exploring the Desert Cities of Libya

The Libyan Desert is a highlight for anyone traveling to Libya. Al Kufrah is one of the desert cities you will find and is often seen as an oasis when exploring the desert with its large market where you can purchase a host of great traditional items.

Interestingly though, Al Kufrah isn’t a very busy tourist area because it’s so hidden in the desert, but it gives any holiday maker a chance to soak up some history, learn about the culture and buy souvenirs for back home.

There are three areas around Al Kufrah that you can visit, these are Al Wahat, Jufra and Murzuq, each one offers you a unique Libyan experience.

Al Wahat

Al Wahat is very rich in history and culture from spectacular museums to galleries and magnificent mosques. While non-Muslims cannot go inside the mosques, you are able to soak up the traditional architecture as you make your way around the outside of these buildings.


Jufra is quite close to Al Kufrah and is a desert oasis filled with natural springs, golden dunes and towering mountains. Being rich in natural beauty, this area is a welcome stop when exploring the Libyan Desert. Soak up the religion of the area by visiting one of the mosques or have some fun riding a camel, hiking the mountains or just enjoying some picture perfect moments.


Murzuq isn’t very popular with tourists, but it does have so much to offer. The one thing that stands out in Murzuq is the castle which blends in with the surroundings. Made from sandstone this castle enhances the famous sand sea, which offers panoramic views.

The exciting thing about visiting Libya is you get to explore all these desert cities that aren’t popular with tourists. The locals are welcoming and you get to really soak up the culture and history of this fantastic country.

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