Transportation Once In Libya

Getting around Libya once you have arrived is pretty easy. They have an extensive public transport network which enables you to get to all the main attractions, cities and towns.

One thing that is missing in Libya is a railway service. They rely on bus, taxi and car rental to get around. There are plans to construct lines but they are still under construction. You will find some of the older rail stations on your travels but none of them are currently in use.

The advantage to there being a lack of railway transport means that the other public transportation options are reliable.

Public Bus and Coach
Public buses run in all the major cities and towns throughout Libya. They are the most affordable transport option and are very safe to use. These buses will enable you to visit the major sites with ease.

Coaches are used for the longer distances with air conditioning and all the luxuries you would expect when travelling for a long period on a coach.

There are no shortage of taxis in Libya, there are three different choices available. The private taxis only work within the city limits and are an affordable choice when heading to a restaurant from your hotel.

There are also what is called shared taxis. These usually take up to eight passengers and work within the city limits. They are an affordable choice when just trying to get from one side of the city to the other.

Public taxis are something that will probably be a unique experience for you. They work like a bus service, just on a smaller sized scale. They will have a number of stops along a set route, but they are faster and more affordable than the public bus service.

Car Hire
Car hire is definitely an option especially if you want to explore what Libya has to offer. The roads are ok and you can find car hire companies at the major airports, hotels and city centers. Remember you will need a valid international driving license in order to hire one of these vehicles.

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