Nalut is one of the most astonishing metropolitan cities of Libya and is located at the distance of 300 km in the northeast region of Libya. This city is well connected to various major cities of Libya like Ghadhames and Tripoli.  Tourists can reach these destinations easily by hiring any transportation means like a taxi or bus. Countless options are there that provide a delightful touring experience to the travelers. The beautiful mountains of Nafusa are located in the severe end of western region of this city and various species of fauna and flora have been recognized here. The other most astounding tourist destination of Nalut are the Gufra villages. Several paths and streets of these villages are twisted and provide a wonderful and alluring view.

This city is entirely located on an escarpment from where the travelers can enjoy the beautiful view of all eastern regions. The older city of Nalut contains approximately 400 Gurfas and is copious since 1960. Previously these Gurfas were employed for protecting and storing oil and grain, but now-a-days, these have turned into the storage abode of garbage material and old pottery. The ksar of Nalut is 300 years old and the way to this site goes through a roofed tunnel where customers have to pay if they intend to see it. This Nalut city is also a home to the splendid mosque of Alala.

The inhabitants of Nalut are accommodating and hospitable and are ready to answer any questions that tourists might have while traveling. The currency that is accepted in this metropolis is the Libyan Diner (LD). Currency exchange offices are available easily throughout the city for the convenience of foreign tourists. The residents of this town are also the lovers of adventure and exploration.  Mountain biking in Nalut is world famous. This place is factually covered with long idyllic tracks that are helpful for mountain hikers and bikers.

Accommodation amenities

Now-a-days, this metropolitan city has been developed as a tourist destination especially for desolate tract itinerants. Tourists from around the world visit this amazing city, but the majority of tourists come from Egypt and from other parts of Libya. For providing luxurious and deluxe lodging facilities to these travelers, various hotels, hostels and restaurants are constructed throughout the city. The hotels offer a relaxed and comfortable environment for foreign customers and also serve delicious food. In various restaurants, the gastronomy of almost all countries is made available for the expediency of foreign customers. On the main road to Ghadames is a local restaurant named Jiwiba-Nalut where travelers can enjoy various local dishes, like seafood, along with other cuisine assortments, like fast food, Mexican food and various others.

Some shopping centers have been also established in the middle of this city where tourists can purchase Libyan souvenirs.

Nalut is basically a diminutive town on the peak of a mountain and is situated at the distance of 800 meters from sea level. So whenever you are in Libya, don’t forget to tour this amazing metropolis.

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