Visit Sebha – Libya

Sebha is a picturesque city located in south west Libya. While the city itself doesn’t have much to offer the tourist, it is an ideal base when you want to explore all that Libya has to offer. Once the desert region is open to tourism travel, you should consider adding it to your Libya Travel.

In Sebha you should visit the Medina, the old town, filled with mud dwellings, narrow passages and alleys. Wandering through the Medina is an experience as you can enjoy the amazing architecture, see the sights and enjoy all this old part of the city has to offer.

When you leave the Medina you should really visit the souk. Souks are such popular tourist attractions in Libya, these are traditional markets where you can buy a selection of fantastic items from leather goods to carpets and pottery to jewelry. Be ready to barter, the stall owners expect this, the prices and reasonable and the souks are alive with color and excitement.

For Elena Castle which is now used as offices is a wonderful historical building. You can still walk around the castle, soak up the architecture and enjoy the beauty of the building.

Camel is a popular mode of transport here, so now is your chance to do some camel riding. Visit the sites on camel, what better way to experience Sebha.

Sebha is also the ideal base for visiting the Ramlat Dawada area. This area in the heart of the Sahara with it’s rising golden dunes has eleven magnificent lakes, which makes it such a popular tourist attraction. What is amazing is that the lakes change color, though this is probably due to algae caused by the heat, it offers some amazing photographic moments and is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Libya and shouldn’t be missed.

While you may think that Sebha has nothing to offer you as a tourist, you are mistaken. Being within easy distance of many of the great sites, a few nights in Sebha can ensure you get to explore the area at your own pace and comfort.

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