Hiking Opportunities in Libya

When you think of Libya, you immediately think of stretches of coastline and cities brimming with ruins. But Libya offers a great outdoor wonderland, filled with natural beauty and spectacular landscapes, Libya is a top choice for hikers.

There are three hiking opportunities that are worth mentioning, of course they are not the only ones in Libya. All you have to do is wander through Libya and you’ll find a hiking trail, but these offer an overall hiking experience, an opportunity you will never forget.

Erg Ubari

As you make your way deep into the Sahara Desert in Libya you will notice two high peaks. Your camel will slowly make its way through the golden sand and dunes, the sun will be on your back and you’ll be soaking up the magnificent landscape. The highest dune to the north is called Erg Ubari.

Hiking to the top of Erg Ubari is an accomplishment and once you get there you can enjoy some of the most panoramic views of the desert, a picture perfect moment as you enjoy your sense of accomplishment.

Acacus Mountains

The Acacus Mountains are very popular with tourists from around the world. They are home to some of the most amazing prehistoric rock art. Complete with jagged cliffs and spectacular views, the Acacus Mountains are a hiker’s delight complete with natural arches and stunning trails.

Nafusa Mountains

Nafusa Mountains are also a fantastic place to enjoy hiking or mountain biking, depending on your preference. Nalut sits about 2,000 feet above sea level with a host of mosques, a museum and a castle you can explore as you make your way up the mountain range. Once you reach the top you will be able to see the entire surrounding landscape in all its glory, definitely a once in a lifetime experience.Social Share

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