World Traveler Completes Last – Libya

We hosted a client from the US who was checking off the final country – Libya. Over the past years, the man has traveled to every single country of the world including the North and South pole. Libya Travel & Tours was privileged to be his service provider for his tour of Libya.

Some of his thoughts
While we talked in his hotel, he made a few key comments:

  • He mentioned that it was much better than he expected. He was warned by UN workers how bad it was…but he found Libya to be much better than he was told.
  • He also mentioned how friendly the people had been to him. He was welcomed by everyone…
  • He did mention that some of the historical sites still needed cleaning up…

What impressed him about his time

  • He commented on the friendliness of the people, the guide and his driver
  • He took lots of pictures of great sites…
  • He loved the high-quality service and documentation that our company provided

Congratulations for completing the world…Did he save the best for last? I am not sure…but you should come and see for yourself.

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