Zallaf Sand Dunes

The Zallaf Sand Dunes are located at the distance of 600km in the south west region of Tripoli. It is basically a deserted environment of sandbank. The saline lakes here consist of water with a high level of salt and are almost three times as salty in comparison to sea water. These saline lakes also contain a high content of minerals. There are approximately 21 saline lakes in Libya. Those who are seeking out recreation and comfort should try warm sand baths and should immerse in salty lakes. A nomadic tribe, the Tureg, also resides here and provides an opportunity to get familiar with the cultural heritage of Libya. The Zallaf Sand Dunes are located in Benghazi city of Libya and is a must visit place for all travelers.

Basically the desert of Libya is situated in the eastern and northern regions. The Sahara also includes northwest Sudan, eastern Libya, and the western region of Egypt. This desolate place is basically sand and unadorned rock and the main tribe that resides in these regions is the Sensuss. The climatic conditions of these desolated areas are extreme.  It is warm even in the spring and winters. This desert place is divided into various landscapes like mountain areas and sand dune areas. In mountain areas, the major cities are eastern Awinat, Akakaus and Staff Path. In sand dune areas with different forms, the major regions are Adhan Ubari, great sand sea, and stone lands, along with some oasis regions like Ghadames oasis, Jufta oasis, Ghat oasis, Kufra oasis and Wadi Ashati oasis. Various volcano areas are also formed due to some corrosion factors. These oases have become some important tourist destinations due to the efforts of Libyan government. These regions are basically located in those areas that fall close to the proximity of water sources.

All these oases are bordered by various lakes and sand dunes that enhance the beauty of these to a greater extent. These areas are the only green regions of the desert with sufficient food and water supply. The travelers will definitely be stunned by watching the simplicity of the creation along with the order of their formation. Different assortments of sand dunes are there like star dunes, net dunes, domed dunes, crescent dunes and longitudinal dunes. These sand dunes help the tourists to carry out various sportive actions like skiing and walking on sand, enjoying the baths of the hot sand, and making use of seafaring trolleys. The most renowned and prominent sand dunes are Adhan Merzuq and the great sea of sand.

Even in the unusual environment of Benghazi, travelers will feel at ease and more tranquil in this beautiful place. Tourists who are planning to tour Libya should include this attractive place into their list. If you are intending to reside in Zallaf, several hotels are available that provide lavish lodging units for relaxing to all foreign tourists. Various restaurants are provide delicious cuisines to travelers. Really, this is a magnificent place where you will forget all your worries and will find yourself immersed in the sea of relaxation and comfort.

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