Sand Baths and Salt Lake Bathing

Almost one quarter of Libya is engulfed by three seas, The Egyptian Sand Sea, The Ribiana Sand sea, and The Kalanshu Sand Sea. Approximately half of the total region of Libya is deserted. The climate conditions of Libya are temperate and result in a warm environment even in the winter and spring season. The tourists who arrive here after traveling through long sandy and dusty roads require a calm and peaceful environment for complete relaxation of their mind. Sand baths and salt lake bathing is an ideal place for all travelers as this place will eradicate all your stress and tension and shall provide you a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Zallaf sand dunes are also situated nearby saline lakes that are considered a home to a tribe of Libya named the Tuareng.

Various above mentioned seas provide the facilities of sand baths and salt lake bathing. Various saline lakes of Libya, like Lake Mandara and Lake UM al Maa, provide complete relaxation and recreation to foreign tourists. Also the wonderful Lake of Gabroun acts as a mirror to the huge sandbank and its border of palm trees provides an excellent and charismatic view. The tourists who intend to reside on the bank of these lakes can enjoy the tent service which is provided by inhabitants. At night, the travelers will surely be surprised to view the wonderful outlook of the entire lake. The foreign tourists can also stay in the hotels of Ghadames, if they prefer. These lakes also provide various adventurous and thrilling sports like windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, snorkeling and swimming. The travelers can also enjoy parachute jumping into sand.

The salt lakes that are situated between Mistarah and Tawerga provide real fun and thrill. Only those travelers who have done swimming in these salt lakes can understand the exotic experience. The major lakes that provide bathing facilities are listed below.

  • Ma fu lake
  • Gabrun lake, this lake is the biggest among all salt lakes
  • Oum El Ma, these lakes are surrendered by palm trees, the water of this lake is saltier in comparison to sea water and it is very easy to float in.
  • Mandara oasis, this oasis contains a dried lake and a ghost town

The beautiful scenery around these lakes will definitely make the customers stunned for a while. Along with these, various other salt lakes are also recognized in Libya that contain a high quantity of minerals.

After Libya got sovereignty, various steps have been taken to develop the country as a beautiful tourist destination. The provision of facilities like salt lake bathing on the banks of different lakes of Libya has made these the most visited tourist places. To enhance the tourism services, these sightseeing places have been connected to all major cities. Travelers do not need be bothered about hiring any transportation means to arrive here as most transportation is easily present.

If you are planning to tour Libya, you must take pleasure from these saline lakes. You will be engrossed deep into the ocean of relaxation and comfort.

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