A Day in Germa

Germa is a delightful village just north of the Sahara Desert in Libya, this village is filled with history from the well preserved remains of forts to the burial sites and the most picturesque country views.

When stopping in Germa you’ll want to travel slightly north to Garama and Zichera, these are the historical sites that welcome tourist around the year. Garama has fantastic ruins that give you an insight into what life must have been like here centuries ago. From the ruins of the fort to the great houses that surround the area, you will see many amazing sights.

Zichera on the other hand is a burial site and well worth the visit, this place offers the most amazing views of the country side, a picture perfect moment in the heart of Libya. There is of course the natural spring, these days it barely trickles, but it is still natural beauty at its best.

Before leaving the area stop in at the museum. A very quaint museum where all the artifacts are housed giving you a chance to see some of the ancient artifacts they have found in these areas from costumes and Berber inscriptions to the most stunning rock art.

The historical areas that surround Germa are still active archaeological sites and new items are found on almost a daily basis and moved into the museum to be put on display for the thousands of tourists that visit this area each year.

There aren’t any top quality hotels in this area, which is why it’s a perfect day trip if you want to soak up some of the history of this area, experience some of the most picturesque views of the country side and explore the ruins that made this area such a great town thousands of years ago.

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