Messak Settafet and Mellet

One of the greatest parts of traveling to Libya is experiencing the history of the area. Libya is an area that is rich in history and natural beauty and you can combine the two by visiting Messak Settafet and Mellet, the mountains between Murzuq and Wadi Alajal.

The easiest way to reach this mountainous area is on camel. A chance to try something different as you camel trek through the area before reaching the historical rock engravings at these sites.

They are a popular tourist attraction because the area is beautiful offering fantastic views, a selection of plants and animals and of course, the rock engravings which date back centuries.

The rock art of this region is unique, it’s engraved into the stone rather than painted on as you would find with so many other rock paintings. The exposed stones are believed to be around 5,000 years old, if not older and it is said that the area was wet in those days which caused the rock to take on a dark varnished finish. You can see the lighter sandstone below, but this has ensured that these rocks preserved the engravings.

The rocks are unique and the majority of the engravings are of animals which were found in the region all those years ago. Hunters must have engraved these rocks while out searching for these animals to catch and take home with them.

After you have explored all this mountain range has to offer you can climb back on your camel and make your way back to your hotel or tour bus. Remember that this is a warm area, one of the reasons that Libya is so popular today. You will need to take a sun hat and sun cream with you along with plenty of bottled water to keep you hydrated as you explore the superb rock art of the region.

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