Why Choose a Guided Tour in Libya?

Libya, located in North Africa is a country rich in history and natural beauty. Libya has become a favored tourist destination offering interesting things to explore by everyone who visits.

Getting to Libya is easy with so many international flights making the journey on a daily basis and booking a hotel is just as easy, but what about getting around? With so much to see and do you don’t want to miss out on key opportunities. From the camel rides in the Sahara Desert to the fantastic historical sights, you want to explore it all while on holiday in Libya.

Reduce the Frustration

I find the most frustrating thing when visiting a new place is not knowing where everything is. I can hire a car and have my independence, which can leave me frustrated and ready to go home or I can book a guided tour, where the tour operator will get me where I want to go without hassle and I can get to actually enjoy everything on my holiday.

The thought of arriving at a beautiful historical site and being too tired to actually enjoy it seems pointless. Arriving with an organized tour where the tour operator gets me to the site and is a wealth of knowledge, letting me get to actually experience the site while feeling relaxed is the only way I know how to enjoy a holiday.


Another tricky part of staying in a distant country on holiday is finding the best hotels. I enjoy the comfortable things in life and I expect my hotel to offer me a comfortable room where I can relax after a day of sightseeing. Booking a hotel online is so easy with a few clicks of the mouse, but until you arrive you have no idea what you are going to get.

An organized tour will have your hotels lined up for you, these hotels will be the quality you are hoping for because the guides and organizers know the area, they know the best hotels for their visitors and they are able to offer you a comfortable rest each and every night.

If I have to choose between arriving in Libya on my own and sightseeing without a guide or choosing an organized tour where I can see all the sights and stay in good accommodation, I am definitely going to choose the tour. It’s easier, it’s more enjoyable and it’s an affordable option.

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