Top 5 Reasons to Visit Libya

Libya has five important reasons why visitors should come and explore this amazing and diverse country. These five reasons come directly from the World Heritage List. Libya has 5 registered World Heritage Sites and many other amazing historical sites.

In 1982, the town of Cyrene, the Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, and the Ruins of Sabratha were added to the World Heritage List. Cyrene, which was a colony of the Greeks, was considered one of the dominant cities of the Hellenic World. According to the World Heritage Site “It was Romanized and remained a great capital until the earthquake of 365. A thousand years of history is written into its ruins, which have been famous since the 18th century.” Leptis Magna, thought of as the most impressive Roman ruins of North Africa, is well worth a visit. Only partially excavated, this ancient site and it’s museum is world renowned. Sabratha, which is home of the ancient Roman Theater, is another popular destination among historians and travelers.

In 1985 and 1986, both the Acacus Mountains Rock Art and the ancient town of Ghadames were added to the elite list of the World Heritage. Diverse in nature, these two sites are well worth your time.

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