Libya Tourist visa

Are tourist visas to Libya available yet? As of March 2022, Libya tourist visas are not available yet. Libya Tourist Visa – The Procedure You will be required to be hosted by a local Libyan travel company. Your travel company will need a scanned copy of your passport and dates of travel to present to …

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Libya Business Process – London

We just wanted to update our readers with the most current visa information from those collecting their visas in London. The fee is 100GBP for the actual visastamp; they accept passports for visas on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 10-12:30 in the morning; the passports have to be delivered in person, but it sounds like …

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Libya Business Visa

Almost every other day we receive a request from someone looking to come to Libya on a business visa. They see the huge potential that Libya has to offer in the area of business (training, development, investment etc…) and are hoping to establish a presence in the country. These travelers are asking the same questions: Can …

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Obtaining a Libya Visa

Over the past few years, traveling to Libya has not been the easiest thing, especially trying to obtain the appropriate visa. In addition, from November 2007 to November 2010, all travelers to Libya were required to have an Arabic translation of personal biographic data along with their passports. This is not currently a requirement, but …

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