Farwah Island – A Hidden Libyan Paradise

Libya located in North Africa perched on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea offers tourist a superior holiday experience. From the historical sites to the bustling traditional markets and to the beautiful scenery, Libya has it all for those looking for a Libya tour.

Farwah Island is a hidden Libyan paradise, well it was until only a few years ago. Located just off the coast of Libya, Farwah is filled with sand dunes and stretches of magnificent coastline with a few village buildings and a newly-built resort.

Farwah Island is only 1.1km wide and offers visitors peace, quiet, spectacular scenery and loads of fresh air. For bird watchers to those who just want some quiet time, this island offers it all.

During the summer months to water level remains at about two foot from the mainland to the island, so walking across the “mouth of the valley” is possible. As winter sets in the tide rises, surrounding the island and making it accessible by boat.

Palm trees tower over you as you explore the island, be sure to visit the second world war Italian building, the deserted huts and the new lighthouse. See a choice of wildlife from the abundance of birds to the beautiful turtles.

The new upmarket resort now stands in the center of this paradise island just off the Libyan coast with more expected to be built in the next few years. But this is taking place in the center and does not affect the wildlife and serenity you get to enjoy on the other parts of this long and thin island.

The island offers visitors an opportunity to see the wildlife, relax in the sun and experience natural beauty that you can only find in North Africa. It’s worth the visit if you are in the area and a welcome change if you have been visiting historical sites for days and are looking for something different to experience.

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