Green Mountain

Green Mountain is a moorland area in Libya which boasts of fertile conditions and is situated in the current metropolis of Al Jabar Al Akhdar. This province is best known for foresting conditions and Jebel Akhdar integrates mountain plateaus. These mountain uplands are cut down by numerous valleys. This area has become known as one of the wettest places in Libya. Owing to maximum rainfall, this region produces rich fruits, potatoes, and other crops.

Green Mountain has historical relevance too; Libyan leader Omar Mukhtar has utilized the place continuously for 20 years in order to protect the country from the Italian occupation. He used to plan various strategies and ideas to safeguard Libya from Italian Colonization. The lush gorge of Jebel Akhdar has the antique Greek settlement of Cyrene.

Green Mountain

The Arabic meaning of Jebel Akhdar is Green Mountain and this is the reason this place is known by this name. Jebel Akhdar also incorporates other antique sites and one of the most significant historic sites is Apollonia. Apollonia is well safeguarded and this site is a big tourist attraction which also integrates a tiny museum and lots of wrecks.

Jebel Akhdar also has a small village named Slonta which was built in the pre-Islamic period. The wrecks in the village display that this might have been an antique center of worship, but very few other things are known about this village. The towns and villages of Green Mountain are praiseworthy in the sense that they have ruins of historical interest.

The town of Tolmeita is also one of the most significant sites of Green Mountain. This town has very little wrecks and artifacts but boasts of having spectacular beach regions. Tocra is a new village of Green Mountain and was considered an important harbor town.

The border of Jebel Akhdar is shared with Derna which is very close to beautiful beaches. The town square of this city is best known for outside markets and visitors across the world have come to visit these markets.

Green Mountain also offer splendid lush forests that are ideal for walking and these mountains provide safety from high temperatures. It has historical evidence also and many tiny cities and towns which are best known for wrecks. The outer periphery of Green Mountain is shared by a famous town named Dena.

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