Ubari Sand Sea

Ubari Sand Sea offers a marvelous desert environment and is situated within the Daouada region. Ubari Sand Sea is expands from Ghadames to the northwest and the enormous panoramic scenes of the sands offer stupendous beauty. Each and every bit of the Ubari sands is simply breathtaking and unveils natural beauty. Another enchanting thing is that the shades of the colors can alter according to the angle and form of the mounds. The parts of the Ubari lakes are remarkable as the water is lined with date and tamarisk trees. The scene of sunrise is worth watching in the land that offers lucid blue daylight skies.

If you are planning to pay a visit to Ubari Sand Sea you can do this easily as there are daily flights to this place from major countries. The environment of Ubari Sand Sea is very cordial and the town center of the area is best known for good markets that offer commodities of daily use. One can also find cafes and tiny shops, and after traveling some time, a visitor can notice few inhabitants. There is another beautiful site which is 15 km away from Ubari Sand Sea which is the Garamantian Cemetery Hatya. The inhabitants of this site are called Garamantes and these peple speak the Berberian language. The total population of the Garamantian Cemetry is four thousand and Garmantes used to adopt professions like farming, engineering, etc.

The services of buses and taxies are accessible which connect two cities, Ubari and Sabha.
If you are looking for eating and sleeping services you can check out the restaurants in the city that deliver qualitative food items. One can also take the pleasure of watching a charming lake named Umma al- Maa.  This lake presents a beautiful scene of an oasis and this kind of oasis is engulfed with water, a rare scene of nature. The meaning of Umma al-Maa is “mother of water” and Ubari has eleven lakes in total. One remarkable point about all these lakes is that they are situated above the plane of the rock on sand.

The level of salts in the lakes is extremely high and the lakes create a cozy environment for swimming. One can also find smooth valleys which are filled with palm trees and shrubs. If you want to spend a night in Ubari then this experience will provide you with immense satisfaction. The immersed moonlight, starlight from a cloudless sky, and silence in the environment makes this place one of the most divine sites on earth.

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