Wow an Namus Volcano

Wow an Namus is one of the striking spontaneous volcanic scenes of Libya. This volcanic cone is situated in the Southern area of Libya. The meaning of Wow an Namus is ‘Oasis of Mosquitoes’ and sometimes the meaning of the term is also the ‘Crater of Mosquitoes’. Wow an Namus is one of the distant locations of Libya and the inner part of the cone has the presence of three lakes and affluent shrubbery.

The Grand Volcano

Wow an Namus is 4 km wide. Dumps of yellow sulphur can be found in the volcano and the soil around this place is gloomy, thus an individual gets an expression that he has landed onto an alien place.

The volcano has an approbation of being considered the eighth wonder of the world and the same approbation is also shared by Libyan rivers. Visitors who have visited the place say that they liked the spectacular beauty of this volcano. One cannot find the presence of lava at the basin and small rocks have originated from this volcano. After examining the magma, one can easily come to this conclusion that the magma has come from the very deep.

Must See

Wow an Names can offer a pleasurable trip and a visitor can find good natural scenes by roaming around the place. This volcano has got conic silhouette and the circular appearance of the volcano adds to the beauty of Wow an Namus. The volcano is marked with the presence of mosquito insects and is the main reason this volcano has the name Wow an Names.

The height of the volcano is 120 m and though the volcano had some lakes, all the lakes have been dried. The total dimension of the lakes is 32000 m and trees cover a 160 m area of the volcano.

One can also notice the shady basaltic area which stretches over 10-20 km and, because of the gigantic size of this basaltic area, can be seen from space. According to some known facts, the southwestern side of the area used to house Nok civilization and these people used iron. If you visit this place you can notice that you are very close to the center of the Sahara.

Cartar Lake

If you are very close to the center of the Sahara, you can notice the presence of Cartar lake. This lake presents a very outstanding scene. You can also take the pleasure of a beautiful desert scene from a village before coming to this volcano.

The view of Wow an Namus resembles the shape of a moon and if you are planning to pay a visit to this place you can hire a 4WD. You can reach Wow an Namus through two ways and both the ways offer easy routes.

Wow an Namus presents a spectacular scene and visitors are amazed by the beauty of this volcano.

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