Outdoor Fun in Libya

Libya is a country in North Africa that is surrounded by sparkling blue oceans and golden sandy Saharan Desert dunes. Together this makes Libya a fun place for all outdoor enthusiasts with a choice of activities where you can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and everything that this area has to offer.


Libya has no shortage of fantastic sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, whether you want to walk along the sandy shoreline or play a game or two, maybe even build a sandcastle, you will have a choice of fantastic beaches to choose from.

Desert Fun

Try camel trekking in the Sahara Desert, an experience you will never forget as your camels take you deep into the desert surrounding by drifting golden sand and high dunes.

If you are looking for some extreme fun, there is dune surfing which is a regular treat when visiting the desert. Climb to the top of the highest dune and see if you can stay on your board to the bottom.

Head for the Mountains

Head for the Acucus Mountains which is very popular for hiking and rock climbing. Climb the rocky cliffs or hike the gorges and enjoy the most picturesque views when you reach the top. Take the time to stop and enjoy the prehistoric rock art which you can find along the way.

Water Sports

There is a host of fantastic water sports offered by the beach resorts, spend the day snorkeling the magnificent coral reefs or go scuba diving into the deep of the clear blue ocean.

Take some time and enjoy some deep sea fishing and see what you can catch or just enjoy your time swimming and playing in the wonderful refreshing waters on a hot summer’s day.

Every outdoor lover will enjoy their outdoor fun in Libya with a choice of activities to keep you busy your entire holiday.

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