The Top 6 Tripoli Attractions

Tripoli is a top tourist attraction in Libya, this bustling city has top quality hotels, is close to some beautiful sandy beaches and is also home to years of history with some of the best Libyan attractions.

National Museum

The National Museum is considered one of the finest museums in the world with forty seven galleries over four floors. The museum is home to artifacts from the Neolithic period right up to modern Libya, you used to be able to see Gadhafi’s little VW beetle on display here (if it is still around after the revolution).

The Medina

Tripoli’s Medina has three gates which offer you access into the old town with it’s narrow lanes and covered arches. The souks offer fantastic traditional items from clothing to jewelery and is a hub of electrifying excitement and color.

Martyrs Square

Martyrs Square, better known as Martyr’s Square by the locals is known for it’s large fountain. It’s here where you can find the Red Castle museum and a host of delightful cafe’s where you can sit and watch as the people of Tripoli pass you by.

Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum is a very popular tourist attraction in the heart of Tripoli with 5,000 years of history set in the walls of the Red Castle fortress. Spend an afternoon here soaking up the history of this beautiful country.

Marcus Aurelius Arch

This arch was build in 163AD and is now a historical monument right next to the Abdul Wahab Mosque, which is also worth visiting, just to soak up the magnificent architecture. The arch once stood at the crossroads of two main Roman roads and today is considered a top tourist attraction.

Gharyan Pottery

If you are looking to get out of Tripoli for a few hours you can see and buy some of the most beautiful pottery at the stalls which are set along the road only an hour outside the city. These are not bartering stalls, the stall owners are friendly and while their English may not be excellent, a deal can always be made.

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