The Best Libyan Museums

Libya is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. Located in northern Africa and offering a selection of spectacular historical sighs, a world of natural beauty and a host of great adventures, it’s no surprise that more and more holiday makers are choosing Libya as their destination of choice.

Libya has no shortage of great museums enabling holiday makers to soak up the culture and history of the area, some of these museums include:

Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum is the most popular museum located in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The Red Castle Museum has four wings dedicated to the history and culture of Libya including a new wing dedicated to their independence. You really get a chance to soak up everything Libya has to offer when visiting this spectacular museum.

Apollonia Museum

The Apollonia Museum is also known as the Susa Museum and is found in Cyrene. Cyrene is a popular tourist area due to the spectacular Greek ruins which remain there. This museum is filled with artifacts excavated in the area from household items to the most magnificent sculptures. Visiting this museum when in the area is an absolute must.

Leptis Magna Museum

Leptis Magna was the largest Roman city in the area and the museum is an archaeological museum housing all the artifacts excavated from the sight and is well worth the visit when holidaying in Libya. You can really soak up the history of the area as you explore the amazing pottery, statues, metal work and jewelry that is on display.

Islamic Museum of Libya

The Islamic Museum is found in Tripoli. Remember that Libya is an Islamic country and the museum is dedicated to the Islamic culture and gives holiday makers an insight into this culture and the ability to explore it further.

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