Soak Up Some History in Sabratha

Libya is increasing in popularity with tourists from around the world, this north African country not only offers the most beautiful natural beauty, but it offers a wealth of history and culture to be explored.

One of the popular sites in Libya is Sabratha, located on the Mediterranean coast in the north of Libya dating back to 500BC. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can explore the third century ruins which are still standing today. The ruins are well-preserved giving you a true insight into what it must have been like living here all those centuries ago.

Spend a day in Sabratha to get a true sense of the area from the magnificent theater to the temples and the basilica to the impressive mosaics. You can easily spend the day exploring the area, getting a true sense of the vastness of what the buildings once were and enjoying the magnificent scenery.

Visit the Museum

The Sabratha Museum has a selection of galleries housing a choice of artifacts including mosaics, statues, columns, art and so much more. Each of the artifacts are items which have seen excavated from the area.

Getting to Sabratha

Sabratha is only seventy kilometers from Tripoli, the capital of Libya and there is a selection of buses and taxis for you to choose from to get to and from this archaeological masterpiece.

Personally the easiest way to explore this ancient site is through a reliable private tour operator where you can travel to the site with ease and enjoy the knowledge and information provided by your tour guide. This way you are ensured to not miss any important aspects of the area, you can soak up all the knowledge and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious journey rather than paying a fortune for a taxi service.

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