Exploring Al Kufrah and the Surrounding Areas

Al Kufrah is a desert city found in the Libyan desert. This city is a welcome break for many travelers exploring the desert. It offers a large market area, perfect for purchasing your souvenirs for home and other traditional items.

At Taj is a top destination in the area, a holy city that gives you a good insight into the Muslim traditions and cultures.

Due to it’s location, Al Kufrah is not a busy tourist destination, in fact it’s a hidden desert oasis that offers a traveler a chance to glimpse into the culture of the area and buy some items while traveling through.

Surrounding Al Kufrah are three top areas you can stop at including Murzuq, Jufra and Al Wahat.


Murzuq is also not a popular tourist destination though it offers tourists an opportunity to explore the beautiful castle that is finished in sandstone to blend in with the surroundings and they also have the famous sand sea, offering picturesque landscape views and fantastic photographic opportunities.


Jufra is also a desert oasis not far from Al Kufrah that has mountains, dunes, natural springs and mosques to explore. This area is rich in natural beauty combined with culture and tradition, a great place to soak up the religion of the area and combining it with some hiking, camel riding or photography.

Al Wahat

Al Wahat is a city area that offers plenty of historical and cultural experiences for any tourist, you can explore the museums and soak up the history, take a step back in time as you wander the galleries before you wander around the spectacular architecture of the mosques. Unfortunately non-Muslims cannot go into the mosques, but you are able to wander around the outside of these magnificent buildings and soak up the architectural beauty of these structures.

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