UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Libya

Libya, located in northern Africa has an abundance of spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you’re looking for a vacation where you can soak up both history and culture while exploring the most magnificent landscapes, then Libya is for you.

Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna is probably the most popular tourist destination in Libya. Once a prominent Roman city this area is located eat of Tripoli and offers visitors the opportunity to explore some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins on offer.

The city dates back to 1100BC when it was a Phoenician city and it later became a Roman city. Today the ruins offer visitors a glimpse into the past whether you visit the magnificent amphitheater, the baths, the basilica or the market. Wander around and get a true feel of what it must have been like to live there all those centuries ago.


Cyrene is an ancient Greek settlement which later also became a Roman city. This is one of the most important Greek areas set in a lush valley and offers you a chance to explore the amazing ruins that still stand today.

The Temple of Zeus, the Theater and the Temple of Apollo are all still in good condition, you can be amazed at the huge columns which stand tall, a real glimpse into what used to stand there so many years ago.

While in Cyrene it’s worth visiting Shahat, not too far away where you can see over seventy six Roman statues.


Sabratha was a Phoenician trading post dating back to around 500BC. Some of the highlights in the area is the theater where you can still see the mosaics on the walls and the Forum which faces the sea with colorful tiles on the floor, not to mention the choice of temples and the museum, where you can explore the artifacts that have been excavated here.

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